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Kmart Cars Collector Checklist

Kmart Cars

This is a final reminder for the Kmart Collector Event happening tomorrow at 11:00 AM at Kmart stores across America. Remember these Cars are not exclusive, so if you miss them now, they will be available again in the near future. Here is a checklist for those of you attending tomorrow, and eBay links for those of you outside the US. Good luck!

Transberry Juice
Sputter Stop
Shiny Wax
View Zeen
Edwin Kranks
Fred (re-scaled)

Update: Follow the discussion here at the Kmart Cars Collector Event Community.

15 Responses to Kmart Cars Collector Checklist

  1. melsweet says:

    Kmart finally “found” the missing cars from their event on Saturday. I now have all seven.

  2. Chase Stickers Fred wasn’t new. He was released in case T before the Kmart Cars. He might’ve been new to you though.

  3. John says:

    There were actually 2 versions of Fred in the cases we went through. There was the chase version with bumper stickers and the regular version without. So all said there were 8 “new” cars – Fred (chase), Fred (non-chase), Edwin Kranks, Sparemint, Transberry Juice, View Zeen, Shiny Wax, and Sputter Stop. From what the Mattel rep told us, none were exclusive to Kmart. They all will hit general release over the next few months.

  4. Paul, the only one that was rare was Edwin Kranks as people reported he was only in every other case. There weren’t sets of 7. There were supposed to be 7 new Cars out of each case.

    BK, none of the diecast were exclusive. There were some Cars minis that were exclusive but I couldn’t tell you what they were.

  5. Shari says:

    Well, the thing is, we don’t have a Kmart here in Waxahachie, where I live. But that’s okay, I can wait for new diecast. After all, you never know……;)

  6. BK says:

    Can someone please tell me what the Kmart exclusive cars were. thanks

  7. Paul says:

    I had 3 from the pic posted at the top of this page the the rest are very different.. Were “Sets of 7″ offered? Just wondering if this was different all over the country

  8. Paul says:

    I went to the Devon, PA one and after reading your posts, I guess I was lucky..
    I went to the K-Mart around 11:10 (started at 11), and there were only 2 people there. They gave me a ticket, the manager had 10 boxes. No one else showed so the three of us were each given 3 boxes to open and buy what we wanted from there, then take from any of the 9 boxes. The 2 people in front of me were looking for common cars like Luigi and happen to run into the even.

    I picked up about 10 new models I hadn’t seen before and extra’s I wasn’t sure about.

    Does anyone know if there were any new car releases at the K-Mart Event today nationwide that are thought to be rare?

    Just wondering

    Thanks! Paul

  9. Jerry says:

    Oregon, OH K-Mart my wife and I each got one complete 7 car set. They had several boxes but they did not tell me how many they got in to sell.

  10. Kristen Guthrie says:

    There were about 30 people at my KMart and only 5 small boxes – and they did a raffle (not first come, first served) – the first three people who got to go through were all from the same family! Argh! But, we did end up getting one of each and two of a few, so that was good. Looks like there will be the least amount of “Edwin Kranks” out there – there were only 2 or 3 total in the boxes. Overall very fun!

  11. I wasn’t able to go until 5 PM. When I got there, all that was left was Fred, Sputter Stop and Shiny Wax. I got those 3, so I still need the other four.

  12. Blake says:

    I got them all including the new racers we got 5 cases at my store and 5 people showed up! LOL

  13. Mqueen9557 says:

    my kmart shut down (sobbing) i dont have those cars

  14. melsweet says:

    The Kmart in Stevensville MD only had mini cars in a box marked Elmo Live! that had been resealed. There were NO new cars. I am NOT a happy mother.

  15. Carlos says:

    Shiny Wax is NOT new he was in a 3 pack, and Spare Mint is comming out in an upcomming 3 pack so if I were you I wouldn’t get those and re scaled Fred is so tiny. I dont care about that one either.

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