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Mater’s Tall Tales: Rescue Squad Mater Diecast

All right. We all loved getting new Cars stories in Mater’s Tall Tales, if you are lucky enough to have seen it that is. Now we want the diecast! Well, Mattel wants to give us what we want. There is lots to come for Mater’s Tall Tales, starting with Rescue Squad Mater.

Here is what we know so far. In the 2009 Collector Guide, Mattel published this list of diecast from Mater’s Tall Tales.

  • Rescue Squad Mater
  • Burnt Lightning McQueen
  • Dr. Mater
  • Nurse Mia
  • Nurse Tia

Then we had the announcement that Rescue Squad Mater with Ransburg paint and Dalmatian Mia and Tia will be the 2009 Cars San Diego exclusives.

We now know that there will be a regular version Rescue Squad Mater along with a Rescue Squad Chopper and Ambulance. I assume these will all be from the Mega Size line, but it’s not official yet. There will also be 2 Rescue Squad Pittys that were shown recently (courtesy of Cars the Toys Forum.)

Here are all the images we have so far.

5 Responses to Mater’s Tall Tales: Rescue Squad Mater Diecast

  1. Rhian Cable says:

    Hi, I’m from the UK and I’m desperate to get hold of some of the Cars Toons Diecasts… my son is Cars Mad! (and me too a little!!) I dont mind the high postage to the UK if I can get half a dozon diecasts. Thanks!!

  2. Robert E/ TheeNaughty Knight says:

    Hello… I am having and have had troube log on to TAKEFIVEADAY for over a week now any word on when they will be back up???? HELP HELP

  3. Who is that behind the Rescue Squad Pittys?

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