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Heavy Metal Mater 4 Pack Now Arriving

Heavy Metal Mater 4 Pack

Heavy Metal Mater 4 Pack

Are you ready to ROCK? Speaking of Heavy Metal Mater, we get a look at the next Cars Toons 4 pack featuring none other than Heavy Metal Mater. These are now showing up at retail, but I haven’t seen them so I’m not sure as to which stores.

This 4 pack features Heavy Metal Mater, Heavy Metal McQueen and the 2 rockin’ pittys. I can’t wait to find these, and I also can’t wait to see the toon! You can find more Heavy Metal Mater toys on eBay.

12 Responses to Heavy Metal Mater 4 Pack Now Arriving

  1. Jean says:

    Hi I’ve been desperately looking for this 4 pack since October. Has anyone found these packs on the west coast or in the Los Angeles area? I’ve called where all my relatives lived and even in Hanover (they said they couldn’t ship it.) Would appreciate any help on where to get this and not on ebay which is charging way too much. with thanks!

    • I have found the 4 pack at Target in Tennessee, and for $30, it is not worth it.

      Here you are getting 2 Cars and 2 pittys for $30. Those are normally $5 for each single and 2 pittys. So that would come to $15, half the price.

      These pittys are the new large size, so even if you paid for the pittys as singles, you are looking at $20. And if we say Mater is a mega size, it would be $23, at most if you pay $8 for him, which is high.

      Any way you cut it, $30 is way overpriced. So wait for it to go on clearance, or buy the singles.

      • Actually, Rocky and Eddie are being sold in a 2 pack together. So if we say Mater is Mega Size at $8, the Toys R Us price, this is $18 tops. This is a total rip off for $30.

        • Jean says:

          thanks so much for your advice. it’s ben so long and my little guy just loves playing “da gum” all the time. Seems a lot more expensive that i remember other 4 packs being… i would happily buy the singles…if they were anywhere to be found.

          • Jean says:

            i found rocky and eddie much to my surprise at our local target and lightening mcqueen. all for $5 as you said… so the $30 does seem way overpriced. thanks again.

  2. Dale says:

    Went to Wal-mart this afternoon. Whole bunch of $10 four packs from this morning. Found all the Rock Band as singles except Mater. Picked up the other two not in the original four pack. Dex and Rodney the Rocker.

  3. Patty R says:

    The Target in Clarksville, TN had 3 packs today and they’re on sale for $24.99 through the 6th.

  4. MT24 says:

    I just found the Heavy Metal Mater 4 Pack at Target today and it was found in Avon,Indiana.

  5. coop says:

    Found 3 of them at Target in Hanover, MA today.
    I bought 1. These 4 packs have been increased to $29.99 which is pretty steep, but I couldn’t resist.

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