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Cars Mater Saves Christmas Santa Car

Last year’s holiday season brought Cars fans a new Cars Christmas story called Mater Saves Christmas. With that came new diecast based on the Cars from the story, both in single carded and the Target exclusive boxset with Mater.

So what will we get this year, if anything? I’m not sure, but if you were watching eBay, you may have seen this gem on there recently…

Mater Saves Christmas Santa Car

Mater Saves Christmas Santa Car

Yep, it’s Santa Car! I don’t have any other details, but hopefully Santa will bring us Santa Car for Christmas 2010.

3 Responses to Cars Mater Saves Christmas Santa Car

  1. Dale says:

    All the 9 packs were gone from TRU by noon when we went in. Still had 6 to 8 Santa’s however. Seemed strange they weren’t gone also. Many of the new Toons Cars I found on Tuesday were still available. Looks like Cars is now a price point item not a collector’s market. That’s good for us crazy collectors.

  2. Patty R says:

    Yeaa! I just ordered it online from Toys R Us, it says exclusive on the box in the pictures I’ve seen. But, you can’t find it by searching for any of the normal key phrases, it’s described as Disney Pixar’s Cars the Movie Holiday Truck Multipack. Also, no picture yet. I stumbled on the link on another blog, but don’t worry, I still love this one the best ;0). Here’s the link:

    Better hurry and get it now for $19.99 while you can, because we all know where they’re going to end up…………

  3. Toys R US Toys R Us Toys R Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is in a 3 pack with the same Christmas Lightning as last year, and Mater in his green winter hat. It is 19.99 and Santa Car is BEAUTIFUL!!! I found mine on the shelf this past Wenesday :-)

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