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Mater Saves Christmas Holiday Cars 2010

The list of Mater Saves Christmas Cars for 2010 is growing. More listings are showing up on eBay for these Cars. First, we get to see Santa Car. Now, we get another version of Mater, McQueen with snow tires and a Sheriff repaint. Here are the images. Hopefully, we will see some more, as there are plenty of new sculpts that could be done from this story.

8 Responses to Mater Saves Christmas Holiday Cars 2010

  1. peggy says:

    is there a web site that u can order this set from??? I would love to get them this for x-mas thank u

  2. MT24 says:

    I just bought Santa Car today at Toys R Us it was the last one left. This set is cool.

    • Dale says:

      Got theTRU set. Next week when Target resets the Halloween to Christmas we can all hope they have another 5 pack this year with some new Christmas Cars.

  3. Jay Abbott says:

    I just bought Santa Car today at Toys R Us. He is in a 3 pack only available at Toys R Us.

  4. Nitroapolis says:

    The “Sheriff Repaint” was probably a photo edit with green color. Checking the lists, I’ve only seen Winter Hat Mater, Lightning McQueen with Snow Shovel, Santa Car and some others and that wasn’t one of them…

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