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Mater Saves Christmas Toys R Us 3 Pack

Santa Car has arrived! A Mater Saves Christmas 3 pack is now available at Toys R Us.

Mater Saves Christmas 3 Pack

Mater Saves Christmas 3 Pack

This 3 pack contains Holiday Hotshot Lightning McQueen, Whee-Hoo Winter Mater and Santa Car. It is $19.99. I have seen it at both Toys R Us stores in my area. You can also buy it at the Toys R Us website here.

The McQueen with snow tires seen online has not made it out yet, and the hope is that there are more holiday Cars to come, probably exclusive to Target, same as last year.

4 Responses to Mater Saves Christmas Toys R Us 3 Pack

  1. Xboxbydegrees says:

    The link to the TRU website doesn’t work. Maybe it is sold out already?

  2. Eric Poston says:

    picked this up in Akron, Ohio last weekend

  3. Patty R says:

    I received my 2 sets today (2 kids, gotta have 2 of everything!) and it’s so great! Of course, I wish Lightning was the snow plow one, but hopefully it’ll show up as a single soon. Toys R Us has a deal going on right now, if you buy $30 worth of Cars toys, you get a free Tokyo Mater car carrier $12.99 value-I missed that deal by 2 days :0(

    • Patty R says:

      Thanks Carlos, I think I may return the 3 pack and hope I can find just Mater and Snow Plow Lightning for our son’s stocking. The Santa car is neat, but he’ll lose interest in it quickly or break it and the plain Lightning is a repeat for us. I appreciate the link!

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